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The first LU Send Now team helped to bring hope to families in part of South Carolina after devastating flood waters subsided.

The first round of LU Send Now students left for South Carolina Tuesday, October 13. The main goal of the team was to help with disaster relief after the area was devastated by floodwaters. The students were able to work alongside of Samaritan’s Purse and help homeowners in the area.

“To the homes there was a lot of obviously water damage. The water lines were anywhere from 2-5 feet on the walls. You could see where the water had been. Pretty much all personal belongings were destroyed in most homes and a lot of the house just had to be ripped out so we did a lot of demolition to the houses,” Alicia Laperche, member of the first Send Now team, said.

Not only were houses destroyed, but personal belongings as well. Laperche was one of the few on the team who were able to help the homeowners go through their belongings.

“I personally worked with homeowners to sort through personal belongings once they were removed to the house and see what we could save and what had to go. So it was mostly just demo and then a couple of us really got to cultivate relationships with the homeowners,” Laperche said.

As well as serving, the students were able to make a spiritual impact on the people that they helped. After the team would finish serving a family they would give them a bible and invite them to come to a local church and have dinner with them that evening. One woman asked many questions and the team was able to share the gospel with her.

“With some people it was like affirmation of the body of Christ and them getting to see people in action despite all of the circumstances. And for some people it was just having a conversation about what they believe and who they think the Lord is and if they have a relationship with God, so just kind of like through service being able to touch hearts in that way,” Laperche said.

While the team was able to help many families there is still work to be done for the people in South Carolina. The second team went out a week after the first to continue with the relief effort. While we all cannot go, Laperche said there are a few things that we can do from where we are.

The Send Now program is continuing to keep an open mind about potential trips for the future and are prepared to go wherever God would call them. While LU Send Now continues to take trips, students will be impacted by the people they meet and the different ways they are called to serve.

“LU Send Now is a good thing because it gives students the opportunity to serve outside their normal comfort zone and it’s a great way to show that Liberty is ready and able to be the first responders,” Jordan Harris, a member of the LU Send now program, said.