Liberty University’s Lifeline Club Protest’s for Pro-Life

By: Kaylee Dusang, Oct. 28, 2015
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Liberty University’s pro-life club, Lifeline, has made great changes in the community with their peaceful pro-life protest called sidewalk counseling, which takes place at the Planned Parenthood in Roanoke every Saturday.

As women enter and exit the building, Lifeline members present the gospel and different options women could have through pro-life organizations. The club members stand outside the clinic to give out resources for qualified health centers and information about post abortion counseling and healing.

The resources provided also include:

  • information about prenatal care and adoption counseling
  • parenting classes
  • care provided through the Blueridge Pregnancy Center

“Sidewalk counseling is a tangible way that we can help end abortion,” Lifeline President Rachel Brown told the Liberty Champion. “It’s a great way to be active in the effort, and although it breaks you emotionally, it draws you closer to God in the end.”

Located at 2207 Peters Creek Road, Planned Parenthood performs their medical and surgical abortions from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday’s. Lifeline members make sure to arrive early before the abortions take place.

“We leave Saturday morning at six in the morning so we can get there at seven when the first women arrive for their appointments,” former Lifeline President Sean Maguire said. “And then we stay throughout the whole morning and as long into the afternoon as we can.”

According to Maguire, there were several women who accepted the resources. There have been at least a dozen lives saved in the six years sidewalk counseling has been active.

“Women have took the resources and told us ‘I’m not having the abortion. I’m going to go to this place and get the help I need,'” he said.

According to the Liberty Champion, the Planned Parenthood parking lot is considered private property, forcing the sidewalk counselors to stand on a medium between the parking lot and road. Former president, Rick Sink, told the Champion that the distance hinders the group’s ability to influence women considering an abortion.

“Most people seem to ignore us, but if we are able to influence the choice of just one person, then it makes all the difference,” he told the Champion.

The sidewalk counselors admit to seeing a lot of hatred towards pro-life workers, but they make it their goal to never show hatred in return. The counselors always answer with respect and gentleness.

“And that’s our attitude as we sidewalk counsel,” Maguire said. “That these people are being deceived and we are praying for them to have their eyes open to walk in truth.”

There will be a sidewalk counseling training session held Thursday, Oct 29, during pro-life emphasis week. President Brown said they will be talking about what they do and prepping people on how to approach the women.

“We will be looking at the Biblical Perspective,” Lifeline’s Secretary Mary Boyette said. “We will show what it looks like to share the gospel and encounter the workers.”