Students Relieve Stress and Get in the Christmas Spirit

A long-running tradition at Liberty University continued late Friday night, as students and alumni filled the Vines Center for a night of fun and Christmas cheer.

Excitement was in the air as students lined up outside the Vines Center hours before the show was set to start, singing songs, playing games and talking with friends to pass the time.

Even before the line started, students were getting excited about the event. Junior Hannah Wright said she was most excited to see the videos, primarily because one of her quad-mates was featured in one. She was also excited to see what Christams-themed outfits others would be wearing. “I think it’s cool, it makes you get in the Christmas spirit more,” Wright said.

Finally, the doors opened and students began rushing off to claim seats, rows and sections for friends who were further back in line, taping off and guarding the seats they needed.

There were also students wandering the concourse, admiring displays based off of different Christmas songs, going along with this year’s Coffeehouse theme of “Fa-La-La-La-La.” They’d take selfies in front of the displays with friends or get someone from the event staff or another student passing by to help.

Finally, the show began, opening with “The First Noel.” As the band played, students sang along and watched.

The night continued on, more bands playing their versions of Christmas songs, videos, both student-made and clips taken from favorite Christmas movies and dance numbers crossed the stage and video screens.

All night long, in the background of every act, different images were displayed on LCD screens at the back of the stage, stacked on top of each other to form the shape of a Christmas tree.

This year, Liberty Student Activities added in a new contest segment, Lip Syncing Battles, which would be voted on by the students via texting. There were two rounds, which took place at different points in the night.

The biggest crowd reactions came to the acapella group, Shine, who performed “Mary Did You Know,” the dance group D-Trex, who based the nights dance off the story of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and to a student made video called “Jerry Dubs.”

In “Jerry Dubs” they had taken words from speeches and television appearances by President Falwell and strung them together in order to go along with Christmas songs and other popular songs from this past year.

The night closed with the band Rolling Coals playing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” Students across the rooom pulled out their phones and turned on the flashlights, waving them back and forth as the song played. Towards the end of the song, the rest of the acts who had played previously walked back on stage and sang with Rolling Coals.

Everyone was buzzing as they walked out of the Vine Center, despite the late hour. “I preferred this year’s Coffeehouse to last years, I left more energized and ready for Christmas than I did last year,” sophomore Hayley Heuiser said. Heuiser’s favorite act of the night was Shine, because even though they were a big group, they worked really well together.

Sitting in the room you could see why the Christmas Coffeehouse was something that Liberty students look forward to every year, even returning as alums later on.

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Students filled the seats at the Vine Center Friday night, ready for a night of Christmas cheer after, what was for many, the first day of final exams.

The Christmas Coffeehouse provided that, with various acts throughout the night. There were:

  • 12 Music Acts
  • 9 Videos
    • 6 Student-Made
    • 3 Clips from popular Christmas movies
  • 2 Dance Acts
  • Lip Sync Battles

And, of course, there were students dressed in Christmas-themed outfits, from onesies to ugly Christmas sweaters to the bunny suit from “The Christmas Story.” Among those however, sophomore Hayley Heuiser’s favorite were two boys who had dressed as the burgulars from “Home Alone,” after running into Kevin’s traps. “I’ve never seen it done before, and it probably took a lot of time to glue all the feathers on,” Heuiser said.

This year’s Coffeehouse contest was Lip Sync Battles. The contestants pretended to sing along to Christmas songs by their favorite artists and the audience voted. Round One went to Kallie with her performance of “Little Drummer Boy” by Justin Bieber and round two went to Molly who performed “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” by Miley Cyrus.

One of the student-made videos, a parody of Adele’s Hello, featured a distraught Santa wondering why he no longer seemed to be hearing from kids at this time of year.

Another video that played was the scene from “Elf” where the people in Central Park unknowingly help Santa get his sleigh off the ground by singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” Students in the audience added their voices to the cause, singing along as the video played.

Another student-made video, “Baby it’s Curfew Time,” elicited laughter and smiles from the crowd, both with its lyrics and the acting scenes in between the lines of song, as a Liberty couple tried to have a date night while avoiding trouble.

The night showed how much talent is hidden in students at Liberty, whether that be singing, dancing, video production or just looking like they were singing.

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Christmas Coffeehouse has been a Liberty tradition for over 25 years// This year’s theme/ Fa-La-La-La-La/ focuses on the many Christmas songs that people have been singing for years/ like White Christmas and Frosty the Snowman///

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