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Six More Shows in the Tower Theater’s 2015-2016 Season

Lauren McManus-Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2015

Liberty’s Tower Theater is running eight plays this school year, three of which are being put on through their partnership with the Alluvion Stage Company.

Two of the eight shows, Sister Act and The Velveteen Rabbit, have already run their course, leaving four academic performances and one more show from Alluvion as well as a summer show. The six remaining shows for the current season are:

  • The Twelfth Night [Academic Performance]
    • Oct. 30-31; Nov. 6, 7 7:30 p.m.
    • Nov. 7 2 p.m.
    • Nov. 1, 8 3 p.m.

Tickets went on sale Aug. 31

  • Meet Me in St. Louis [Academic Performance]
    • Dec. 4, 5, 11, 12 7:30 p.m
    • Dec. 5, 12 2 p.m.
    • Dec. 6, 13 3 p.m.

Tickets went on sale Aug. 31

  • Brigadoon [Academic Performance]
    • Feb. 19, 20, 26, 27 7:30 p.m.
    • Feb. 20, 27 2 p.m.
    • Feb. 21, 28 3 p.m.

Tickets will be available starting Jan. 4 at 1 p.m.

  • Steel Magnolias
    • March 25, 26, 31, April 1, 2 7:30 p.m.
    • March 26, April 2 2 p.m.
    • April 3 3 p.m.

Tickets will be available starting Jan. 4 at 1 p.m.

  • Beauty and the Beast [Alluvion Stage Company]
    • April 29, 30, May 5, 6, 7, 12 7:30 p.m.
    • May 14 8 p.m.
    • April 30, May 7 2 p.m.
    • May 1, 8, 15 3 p.m.

Tickets will be available starting Jan. 4 at 1 p.m.

  • Henry V [Summer Show]
    • May 26-28, 30, June 1 7:30 p.m.

Tickets will be available starting Jan. 4 at 1 p.m.

All of these shows are open to the public and are, with the exception of Henry V (10-years-old and older), Steel Magnolias (12-years-old and older) and Twelfth Night (8-years-old and over), appropriate for children of all ages.

Two of the academic performances are also asking audience members to bring in various donations. Twelfth Night is asking for canned food items, salad dressing, sugar, and healthy breakfast cereals for Lynchburg Daily Bread. If patrons donate five or more food items the Liberty Theatre Arts Department is offering a $3 discount on ticket purchases. Meet Me In St. Louis is also asking that audience members bring in either shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child with money to cover shipping costs, or to just offer financial donations for 15 students who are traveling with Operation Christmas Child’s discipleship program.

The theater department also offers audience members the opportunity to have a Q&A session with directors, designers, and actors from each show without any extra cost to the ticket, or requirement to have attended the performance. They also offer some performances that are interpreted into American Sign Language.

The Q&A sessions for each show are on the following dates:

  • Twelfth Night: Nov. 6
  • Meet Me In St. Louis: Dec. 11
  • Brigadoon: Feb. 26
  • Steel Magnolias: April 1
  • Beauty and the Beast: May 12
  • Henry V: May 30

The ASL interpreted performances are on the following dates:

  • Twelfth Night: Nov. 8
  • Meet Me In St. Louis: Dec. 13
  • Brigadoon: Feb. 28
  • Steel Magnolias: April 3
  • Beauty and the Beast: May 8

Any Liberty student who wishes to audition or be part of the production for a spring academic show can find information on how to do so here.


Liberty University Ranked No. 1 for Campus Dining by

By Hannah Peters, Oct. 28, 2015.

Sodexo's Cravings Food Truck parked in front of Demoss academic building
Sodexo’s Cravings Food Truck parked in front of Demoss academic building

Rumor has it that trending on Facebook holds an article by that ranks Liberty University as the nation’s number one campus dining of 2015. Liberty University surpassed Cornell College, Ohio State University and the University of Notre Dame on’s dining hall standings.

Liberty’s campus dining offers a diverse and innovation service that accommodates all student preferences. The University offers home-style cooked meals, athletes’ training table station, gluten free options, a campus drive thru, and Simply-To-Go vendor in the main academic building for student’s convience. These eclectic options propel Liberty to be ranked number one in 2015 on the website.

With an “…increasing interest in healthy eating among the student body and a heighten awareness of physical fitness, students at Liberty are provided a plethora of food choices to cater to their dietary needs,” according to Wesley Shepard, a Liberty student in Exercise Science.

Made-To-Order Salad Bar found in the Tilley
Made-To-Order Salad Bar found in the Tilley

In the year 2015, Liberty has added new dining option; such as, Doc’s Diner drive thru, made-to-order salad bars, italian Bistro, and Sodexo’s Cravings Food Truck. On campus students can also find the following food services:

  • Auntie Anne’s Pretzels
  • Chick-fila Express
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Starbucks
  • Baskin Robins
  • PizzaHut WingStreet
  • Jamba Juice

Liberty University’s also offers food choices that range from a LU Farmer’s Market including local produce from local Lynchburg farms. Events such as the Annual Fall Festival Cook-Off, food tastings, and forums to teach students about healthy eating habits while incorporating a Biblical diet lifestyle, i.e. “The Daniel Plan”, can be found all around Liberty’s campus.

Adjunct Instructor, Kevin Richard prefers to eat according to the “Paleo Diet” which requires a large consumption of protein. “Liberty University’s Reber-Thomas Dining Hall offers numerous options for myself to meet my ‘macro count’ of daily protein. My personal favorite is the rotisserie chicken station in the Reber-Thomas Dining Hall,” said Kevin Richard.

Students, searching to what college to attend, are not concerned with degree programs and academic offerings. Students are concerned with the overall student life, which includes what they will consume. Liberty University’s dining hall and food services enhances the student’s lifestyle and accommodates all preferences, thus placing Liberty University number one on campus dining page.

All photos by Hannah Peters

News Writing Project #2 (Caroline Stimpson)

Liberty University uses haunted walk to evangelize

By Caroline Stimpson, Oct. 28, 2015

Liberty University is using a death-themed walk to inspire people to pursue the life-giving news of the Scriptures.

The walk, called Scaremare, is designed to present people with the question “What happens after I die?” Once visitors pass through the various stages of the walk – including dark woods and an abandoned warehouse – they are presented with the Scriptures, an alternative to the deathly walk.

“They’re trying to lead into that question of ‘People are dying, so where do you think they’re going?’” Liberty University sophomore Holly Smith said.

Smith stated that the Scriptures were shared through an analogy where people with leprosy were compared to sinners. The message preached that people have an incurable disease like lepers, but God can wash them clean in the same way that Jesus healed the ill. Visitors were then asked to bow their heads and accept the Scriptures.

According to the official Scaremare website, the university hopes to accomplish several goals with this event:

  • Present visitors with a conversation-starter about the Scriptures
  • Expose visitors to the salvation message of Jesus Christ
  • Use entertainment as a means of evangelism
Photo Credit: The Liberty Champion
Photo Credit: The Liberty Champion

The official Scaremare website states that approximately 26,000 people have made decisions for Christ since Scaremare’s establishment.

“I’ve been doing this for years, and I’ve watched a 10-15 percent spiritual return by attendees,” Richard Brown, an assistant professor of Youth Ministries, told The Liberty Champion. “So out of every 1,000 people who come through, we generally see 100 people give their lives to Christ.”

Some of the walk’s images of death were tied directly to Christianity. Vest explained that at the end of the walk, the event was connected to Jesus’s crucifixion.

“As you’re walking through it, you see a bunch of people, including Jesus himself, get killed,” Vest said. “And it makes you really think about life after death.”

Scaremare’s website states that there are trained volunteers at the event who are there to help counsel and guide those who make decisions for Christ. The event also provides a free download that explains the steps to be taken for a new believer.

First Ever LU Send Now Team Helps With The Relief Effort In South Carolina

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The first LU Send Now team helped to bring hope to families in part of South Carolina after devastating flood waters subsided.

The first round of LU Send Now students left for South Carolina Tuesday, October 13. The main goal of the team was to help with disaster relief after the area was devastated by floodwaters. The students were able to work alongside of Samaritan’s Purse and help homeowners in the area.

“To the homes there was a lot of obviously water damage. The water lines were anywhere from 2-5 feet on the walls. You could see where the water had been. Pretty much all personal belongings were destroyed in most homes and a lot of the house just had to be ripped out so we did a lot of demolition to the houses,” Alicia Laperche, member of the first Send Now team, said.

Not only were houses destroyed, but personal belongings as well. Laperche was one of the few on the team who were able to help the homeowners go through their belongings.

“I personally worked with homeowners to sort through personal belongings once they were removed to the house and see what we could save and what had to go. So it was mostly just demo and then a couple of us really got to cultivate relationships with the homeowners,” Laperche said.

As well as serving, the students were able to make a spiritual impact on the people that they helped. After the team would finish serving a family they would give them a bible and invite them to come to a local church and have dinner with them that evening. One woman asked many questions and the team was able to share the gospel with her.

“With some people it was like affirmation of the body of Christ and them getting to see people in action despite all of the circumstances. And for some people it was just having a conversation about what they believe and who they think the Lord is and if they have a relationship with God, so just kind of like through service being able to touch hearts in that way,” Laperche said.

While the team was able to help many families there is still work to be done for the people in South Carolina. The second team went out a week after the first to continue with the relief effort. While we all cannot go, Laperche said there are a few things that we can do from where we are.

The Send Now program is continuing to keep an open mind about potential trips for the future and are prepared to go wherever God would call them. While LU Send Now continues to take trips, students will be impacted by the people they meet and the different ways they are called to serve.

“LU Send Now is a good thing because it gives students the opportunity to serve outside their normal comfort zone and it’s a great way to show that Liberty is ready and able to be the first responders,” Jordan Harris, a member of the LU Send now program, said.

News Writing Project #2 (Kaylee Dusang)

Liberty University’s Lifeline Club Protest’s for Pro-Life

By: Kaylee Dusang, Oct. 28, 2015
Photo Credit:

Liberty University’s pro-life club, Lifeline, has made great changes in the community with their peaceful pro-life protest called sidewalk counseling, which takes place at the Planned Parenthood in Roanoke every Saturday.

As women enter and exit the building, Lifeline members present the gospel and different options women could have through pro-life organizations. The club members stand outside the clinic to give out resources for qualified health centers and information about post abortion counseling and healing.

The resources provided also include:

  • information about prenatal care and adoption counseling
  • parenting classes
  • care provided through the Blueridge Pregnancy Center

“Sidewalk counseling is a tangible way that we can help end abortion,” Lifeline President Rachel Brown told the Liberty Champion. “It’s a great way to be active in the effort, and although it breaks you emotionally, it draws you closer to God in the end.”

Located at 2207 Peters Creek Road, Planned Parenthood performs their medical and surgical abortions from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday’s. Lifeline members make sure to arrive early before the abortions take place.

“We leave Saturday morning at six in the morning so we can get there at seven when the first women arrive for their appointments,” former Lifeline President Sean Maguire said. “And then we stay throughout the whole morning and as long into the afternoon as we can.”

According to Maguire, there were several women who accepted the resources. There have been at least a dozen lives saved in the six years sidewalk counseling has been active.

“Women have took the resources and told us ‘I’m not having the abortion. I’m going to go to this place and get the help I need,'” he said.

According to the Liberty Champion, the Planned Parenthood parking lot is considered private property, forcing the sidewalk counselors to stand on a medium between the parking lot and road. Former president, Rick Sink, told the Champion that the distance hinders the group’s ability to influence women considering an abortion.

“Most people seem to ignore us, but if we are able to influence the choice of just one person, then it makes all the difference,” he told the Champion.

The sidewalk counselors admit to seeing a lot of hatred towards pro-life workers, but they make it their goal to never show hatred in return. The counselors always answer with respect and gentleness.

“And that’s our attitude as we sidewalk counsel,” Maguire said. “That these people are being deceived and we are praying for them to have their eyes open to walk in truth.”

There will be a sidewalk counseling training session held Thursday, Oct 29, during pro-life emphasis week. President Brown said they will be talking about what they do and prepping people on how to approach the women.

“We will be looking at the Biblical Perspective,” Lifeline’s Secretary Mary Boyette said. “We will show what it looks like to share the gospel and encounter the workers.”

News Story #2

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 2.43.26 PM

Sanders Creates Political Storm at Liberty University

By: Elizabeth Dean

Political candidate and senator, Bernie Sanders, spoke at Liberty University’s convocation in early September, creating a disconcerting response from the media and students.

Sanders, a Jew and atheist, spoke at the largest Christian university in the world on Sept. 14, creating uproar. Many people, especially Sanders supporters, were looking forward to hearing what he was going to say. However, the response of the students is what shocked people the most.

“Yes, we are a liberal arts school, by definition isn’t just one thing and we need to broaden our view. In the real world other people don’t agree with us and it gives us a chance to filter what other people say and what we believe; good exposure to that. How can we disagree with someone if we don’t know what they think?” said student, Tanner Cooke.

Liberty University has always asked leaders with opposing viewpoints to speak at convocation, however Sanders has been the first person to accept that invitation. Many of the students believe that it is good for them to hear different sides of things because that is how it is in the real world. Students at that convocation realized that and were respectful in how they reacted to Sanders speech.

The media that wrote articles about this situation did not portray Liberty University in the way that they ought to have been portrayed.

“They received an accurate representation but didn’t portray it. They saw that we are respectful of other people’s views,” said student Cassie Gagon.

Many of the mainstream news companies wrote articles or did broadcast stories about this event:

Many media outlets present saw this calm reaction from the students but then saw the more avid Sanders supporters at the front of the arena and were confused. Liberty University convocation is open to the public and many of Sanders supporters from the surrounding areas came to hear him speak. Majority of these supporters sat in the front sections of the arena, closest to the stage. This gave the appearance “on television [that] it was the Liberty University students that were cheering for Sanders, not his supporters,” said Gagon. This created a lot of confusion among the press and people who watched the speech on television.

Sanders was also respectful in his approach to the students in return. However, many students did not appreciate his out-of-context use of Scripture to back up the things he was saying. Students believe that made them less receptive to what Sanders was saying because as one student said, “We’re smart enough to know that he’s taking it out of context to appeal to us.”

News Writing Project #2 (Hannah Teramura)

Students Conflicted in Response to Coke’s Triumph

By Hannah Teramura, Oct. 28, 2015.

Liberty University recently announced the entire campus will be switching from Pepsi products to Coke products, causing many students to rejoice and others to complain.

Pepsi products will soon be completely removed from the Reber-Thomas Dining Hall. Taken by Hannah Teramura.

President Jerry Falwell tweeted Sept. 24 that Coke had won after a close race. Coke triumphed over Pepsi by a mere 272 votes.  Falwell’s original tweet can be found here.

The director of food service operations, Louis Cambeletta, told the Liberty Champion the transition from Pepsi to Coke will happen by Jan. 31, 2016, if not even a few weeks sooner.

The students are reacting to this news in one of three ways:

  1. Excitement

Allison Zook, a sophomore nursing major, is stoked about this new change.

While she will extremely miss Brisk, Zook finds that Coke offers more products of her preference. She is eagerly looking forward to the new options Coke provides.

“Sierra Mist was okay, but there is nothing like Sprite,” Zook said.

Many students, just like Zook, are thrilled by this change and cannot wait for it to take place. However, others are not so thrilled.

2. Disappointment 

Kairo Calabretta, a freshman here at Liberty, is upset because of the loss of Mountain Dew and other Pepsi favorites.

Calabretta prefers Pepsi products, thus, he is disappointed and will miss his carbonated favorites for the rest of his college experience at LU.

“I don’t know how I am going to survive college without it [Mountain Dew], it’s my go-to liquid energy,” Calabretta said.

3. Indifference 

Many students like Annie Henderson, a 18-year-old freshman, are simply indifferent about this change.

Henderson doesn’t have a particular preference when it comes to Coke or Pepsi. She barely ever drinks soda because of it’s unhealthy nature.

“This change will not affect me at all,” Henderson said.

However, all the students, no matter where they stand on this change, seem to love the fact that the university let the student body decide.

Falwell told the Liberty Champion that at the end of the day, since the financial difference between Coke and Pepsi products was so small, he would leave it up to the students.

“I feel respected that we are paying for tuition, room and board and they allowed us that choice of where our money is going,” Zook said.

Calabretta took a similar stance.

“Let the people paying the money make the decision,” Calabretta said.

Students seem to believe that the fact that Falwell allowed the students to make the decision, sets the stage for future positive decisions to be made in the years to come.

More details about this upcoming change on campus can be found on the Liberty Champion.

News Writing Project #2 (Kirkland Gee)

Liberty University Residential Annex Set To Close at End of Fall Semester

By: Kirkland Gee, Oct. 28, 2015

Liberty University will be closing the doors of the Residential Annex at the end of the fall semester and relocating the students to Residential Commons II for the spring.

According to an article in the Liberty Champion, Liberty will be closing the Annex in December, but the details of the move are not set in stone.

Fred Hornberger, 23, is a Resident Assistant at the Annex, and he has not been told much at all about the move.

“They said they are working on it and they will let us know. Students purchasing plane tickets should ‘make preparations as normal,'” Hornberger said.

Liberty already closed Residential Annex II in May and has applied for a permit to convert it to apartment housing for graduate students and married couples.

The leaders of the school have considered doing the same with Annex I, but are waiting to see if there is enough demand, President Jerry Falwell Jr. told The News & Advance Aug. 13.

The Commons will be an improvement over the Annex in terms of quality. The new dorms feature:

  • 2 person rooms
  • Private bathrooms
  • Refrigerator/microwave
  • Common area on each floor
  • Central location near academic buildings

Students are having mixed feelings about this change. Adrianna Rivera, a freshman at the Annex, says she is not looking forward to being moved into the commons. She said she liked living in a dorm but still being “off-campus.”

“I like where I am right now…I don’t have to be surrounded by a ton of people, but at the same time I’m not alone,” Rivera said.

Hornberger is excited about the move. Having been at the Annex since fall 2010, he is looking forward to a change.

“I’m looking forward to having a hall where we’re actually a hall, where our doors open to the inside. I think it will improve community,” Hornberger said.

When asked what his favorite part about the Annex was, Hornberger said it was the “family” aspect of the community. Although he felt each hall was not as close, he felt that the dorms were closer to each other than other places on campus.

“We have great community here because the only way we would have community elsewhere is to actually go to campus, and that’s just too much work,” Hornberger said.

Other students like John Basham, 21, see both the positives and negatives of the change. You can hear his thoughts here.

All pictures and video were obtained by the author.

Liberty University to Build New State of the Art Indoor Track

Written By: Katie McGann, Oct. 27, 2015

Liberty University has set plans to build a brand-new, state-of- the-art indoor track and field for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year.

This new indoor track will be located underneath the monogram on top of Liberty Mountain on the recently flattened ground, providing a scenic and iconic location away from heavy traffic flow, allowing for easy-access.

The track will be a massive 130,000-square-foot facility, which will be able to seat around 2000 people whereas the old indoor track could only seat approximately 1,000, and with permanent seating hopefully more people will be tempted to sit around longer.

“It will be laid out much better than the current track,” Senior Associate Athletics Director Mickey Guridy said.

A few of the new features of the indoor track include:

  • concession stands
  • ticket office
  • weight room
  • functional training room
  • meeting space
  • offices for the track and field programs.

Thanks to the new tracks increased square footage, Liberty will now be able to host major track events and host meets with larger schools to compete.

With such a great new facility, Liberty hopes to draw in more division 1 athletes to come and join the University’s track team and lead it to more future championships.

“In the place of the Tolsma Indoor Track, the Cinematic Arts Department will hopefully be able to gain more classroom space and expand its department to meet the growing demand of Cinematic Arts students.” Liberty’s Welcome Center liaison Terry Falwell said.

With the migration to the mountain, there will be an ample amount of parking space to accommodate even the largest events so that people wont have to walk a mile just to watch a race.

Thanks to an increased amount of indoor training space the athletes will now have their own work-out and training facility with all new equipment.

Something fascinating that will  be incorporated into this new track are hydraulics, which will raise and lower the floor according to each event.

Concessions will be present at each event, drawing in hungry crowds and bringing in business, and thanks to a new bus route, there will be a drop-off-pick-up zone to transport people from the main campus to the indoor track.

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